Show your commitment to joining the fast on Nov. 2, 2008 by leaving a comment below.

Please note that none of the information will be used in anyway.  This is just to show that people are committed to fasting for our nation.

We the below signed are committed to improving our nations. We recognize the corruption in our government is not leading to a better nation. We feel that while efforts must be made by men, that a petition to God for a better nation will also help.

Thus, to help improve our nations leadership, we commit to fast for our nation on November 2, 2008. While our method, time, and nature of our fast may vary. Our purpose will be the same.

Your Friend and Neighbor



  1. We will be fasting for sure!

  2. I plan on joining in.

  3. What a great idea! Count us in.

  4. We will be fasting. It’s too important, not to.

  5. While I am sure that were are fervent in our desire to elect the best candidate, it comes down to some of us fasting for one leader and the others fasting for his opponent. This does not amount to a cancellation of fasting. It is an exercise of faith that warrants miracles.

    I fast that whomever may win the Presidency may hear the whisper of the spirit to guide them amidst the weight of their responsibility, the torrent of advisers and a passionate citizenry.

  6. 🙂

  7. My family will be joining in!

  8. Seeing as I started this movement, I should show my commitment as well. Thanks to all those who are joining in. Please tell your friends and neighbors.

  9. I’m in.

  10. Amen!

  11. […] ask him for his influence to help us vote for the best candidate to lead His Country. This site: is also non-partisan. It is a completely neutral site that hopes to bring God back into the paths […]

  12. A great idea! Let’s do it!

  13. Nothing else we can do but fast for God’s help. We’ll fast. Thanks.

  14. I am in.

  15. I am totally in!

  16. Hey Travis.. this is great. And I know I thought about this a lot yesterday as I fasted. We are so anxious for tomorrow!!!

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