Posted by: Travis R Grant | November 2, 2008

Today is the Day

This is a quick reminder. That if you were planning on participating in the Nationwide Fast, that today is the day.

Remember to petition God for his assistance in leading the country in a direction that he sees fit. This isn’t about asking do to do our will, but to let him know that we want His will accomplished on this earth and specifically in this country.

Thanks to all those who have shown their commitment. Thanks to all those who shared this idea with their friends and neighbors. I know that God will hear our prayers and recognize our fast.

One final thought.  It has been said that we should pray (or fast) as though everything counted on the Lord. Then we should work like everything counted on us.  So, please don’t make this fast in vain.  Please vote, contact your representatives and other leaders of our country.  It is the least that we can do.

Posted by: Travis R Grant | October 6, 2008

Show Your Commitment

Things have been pretty slow here lately. However, with recent events in the election and congress, there is an increased need to get the word out about this event.

Many of you have shown your commitment on Facebook, and we are greatful for your voice. To help people show thier support in other ways, we have added a Commitment Page to this site.

Please take a moment to “comment” on the Commitment Page. We won’t use any information you place there. We are just trying to share with our readers the people who have committed to fast on Nov. 2, 2008.

Again, we invite you to tell your friends, family, and neighbors about this event.

Posted by: Travis R Grant | September 16, 2008

Join Our Email Group

Our numbers are growing at a wonderful pace, and we appreciate all of your efforts to help get information out to your friends and neighbors about this exciting event.

To help you in your efforts, and to keep you up to date on the latest activities.  We have started an email group.  This group is primarily to disseminate information to you about what is going on in this movement.  We hope to share announcement, stories, and news related items.

This group is not a discussion group like many are familiar with.  Rather it is a announcement group.  If you would like to recieve announcement and news about this nationwide event, then please join our group.

Posted by: Travis R Grant | September 14, 2008

Now on Facebook

In order to help get the word out about this important event. We have created a group on facebook.

If you have a facebook account, please join the group. If you are not, please consider joining facebook so that you can help spread the word to your friends and neighbors about this wonderful event.

Posted by: Travis R Grant | September 10, 2008

Official Launch of the Nationwide Fast Day

Starting today September 10th, we are encouraging citizens of this nation to fast as a petition to God to improve the quality of leadership in the United States of America.

We are calling on all citizens to share this information with their friends and neighbors to join us in a fast. This is an opportunity to reflect on the direction of our nation, and the direction that we feel God wants this nation to go.

We are not affiliated with any party or organization. We are not affiliated with any religion or creed. However, members of this group have political leanings and religious views. These views and persuasions will not be shared as part of this campaign.

To learn more about this initiative, please refer to our what, when and why pages. These will outline our hopes and goals in directing this nation.